First Step: Why Prayer

Some may ask, “Why Prayer?” I wasn’t convinced about that either at first, but I am learning that prayer as my first step is very important.

Because how can I know God’s church, if I don’t know God.

Sure I could read about God to learn all I can, but I’ve done that, I’ve got the facts and figures, but I still don’t know God.

It seems to be two different things: To know about someone or to know them.

I know my wife. You could read a book about her and still not know her. I’m lucky in that way. There is something special between us because we know each other, not just the story of each other. And when our relationship gets off track, we stop and “get to know each other” again. How? By sitting down to talk.

So prayer is important. I am going beyond just knowing about Him, and getting to know God.

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