Update #2 – The Heart of the Matter

Finding so much information on the net about the history of what the 1st century church did, we are coming to the, I think, root question.

Does apostolic example equal command?

Example: Instrumental music. There is no mention of them playing instruments, there is mention about singing, so can we not play instruments when we come together?

The conclusion of the people I have met with in the past is that a piano or guitar would be unscriptural. But it seems to me they are inconsistent in that teaching. There is no mention in scripture about purchasing a building to worship in, so with the same logic it would be unscriptural, but they own one.

So what I have to find out is this, does the practiced examples in scripture require we follow them, or are they strongly encouraged, or are they good ideas, or does it matter?

I’ve got a few leads for research for today. I’ll let you know.

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