Which Church? -comment

Comment by Darrell on the post Which Church? by Alan Knox

“I would begin just like Stephen, however I would continue the relationship naturally with those people God put in my life and BE the church with them. For me, increasingly, I see that what is needed in my life and in this world is the formation of spiritual families that are as natural as families. I am not looking for a “church”…in fact I see this as a distraction to what I am supposed to be about. I don’t want to invest my families life GOING to church. I want to invest my families life in being family with others, doing what Jesus told us to do. I am done with thinking about church in the terms Alan described in this article. It is not about meetings. I am looking for PEOPLE who I can love and follow Jesus together with. I am done going to church listening to a sermon and going home. I want LIFE with others. I want to be influenced by others lives, and have my life bless them. I want to build God’s family like family, and see it grow as families grow.”

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