Update #3


Now that I have made some progress, in finding a clearer picture of what the church is to look like, and function as, I start to think about my integrity.

What I mean is, I am looking for the church, and I am logging “My journey to know God’s true church”, now, what will I do with the truth I find?

Integrity is, for example, believing that patience is right, and then when my patience is tested, I remain patient. Tough sometimes, but if you have integrity, you will.

So I may believe scripture tells me truth, but if I don’t follow that truth, even when it is challenging, I must follow to keep my integrity intact.

Now what? Will I be a man of integrity. Or will I be happy with just “knowing” God’s true church?

I think I want to “be” God’s true church!

How? I’m working on that still, and moving forward.

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3 Responses to Update #3

  1. Alan Knox says:

    And that’s where it gets tricky, isn’t it? Integrity requires us to obey… even if no one else is obeying.


    • And that is probably how it will seem a lot of the time when you follow God, like no one else is obeying.

      I’m grateful for the resource your blog has been, as well as the sites you link to. Don’t feel so much like a lone ranger anymore.

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