Update #4

I think I’m starting to see church. Trying to look past the religion, the ritual, the differences, it’s not easy. Like I’ve said, it gets cloudy. Too much stuff in the way. But I’ve been witnessing something with our congregation here, and also reading similar examples on others’ blogs, that seems to be the church.

We have an older brother of our congregation who got very sick nearly a month ago now. What has happened? Well one brother set up a schedule for people to sign up to sit with this sick brother and another schedule for people to bring lunch for the family up to the hospital. Last night many who live close went by to sing to him.

I’ve been up there several times, and it is amazing how often others are just dropping by to help, or talk, or hug, or give. The love being poured out on this family is amazing.

This sickness has also helped me learn more how to pray in faith. When someone you love, and who has shown you love that you don’t understand, you find new ways to love them like you never knew. It’s payback time.

It’s amazing, I may have said before, but this guy can get away with saying anything to the church, no matter how harsh, rudely put, or blunt. I have often thought about how he can get away with it, and I think I know now. Because he loves. Everyone knew that he loved them. No one else shows the kind of love this brother shows. It’s not hidden, it’s not subtle, it’s big. Big love hides a lot of flaws.

He may just have the most flaws of us all, but he loves bigger, and so we love him, and it has shown this past month. And I’ve learned a lot.

The church is love.

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