Is it possible… -comment

Comment by Bobby on the post Is it possible… by Micah 7. Entire post included below followed by the comment.

This question just crossed my mind:

In light of the recent house church movement, is it possible that the movement itself could have a dividing effect similar to the current denominations within evangelicalism? If so how does this affect church unity as set forth in the New Testament (example: John 17:20-23)? Even if churches within the house church movement are less divisive (not dividing on “secondary doctrines” with a membership united around the Gospel yet lovingly disagreeing on other things) are those who are leaving churches to join house churches creating yet another divide?

What do you think?

Bobby responds, “In a word, yes. It is possible. Yet for myself, leaving the traditional structures doesn’t feel the same as leaving the church. I still love the church that I used to gather with on Sunday but now that I gather with a church that meets in a home we are divided; but only physically. We are still members one of another in the body of Christ and are one in spirit. Those of us that meet in homes must be sure that our way of meeting isn’t made into the goal but rather that our way of meeting is a means to a goal and that goal is the display of Christ as a complete corporate body in which all of its members are at work to build one another up in love. Even that goal, lofty as it may seem to be, is just the start.”

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