Where to go…

Where to go? How about the Word of God…

I’m working on deciding where to take all of this, this blog included. With no answers, I need to look to scripture. As for my study of scripture, a friend sent me Grant Horner’s Bible Reading System which has really made me examine myself, and I haven’t even started it.

The concept is to read ten chapters per day, one chapter from a different section of books. Day 1 you would read Matthew 1, Genesis 1, Psalms 1, Proverbs 1, Acts 1, Job 1, etc. You could follow this plan and never read the same chapters together on the same day. It sounds great, but here is where I was convicted.

He said it takes about 1 hour each day. I’m trying to “work it in” now. Shouldn’t that be priority? Shouldn’t I do it, and work everything else in around that? But I have work and school and family and dinner¬†and sleep. And on and on and on go the excuses.

Sounds like knowing God’s Word is not as important to me as I thought is was. “God first! God first!… until it takes an hour of my time each day.”

So the convicting has begun. The discipline¬†must begin also. I did print out bookmarks and placed them in the appropriate pages in my Bible yesterday, so I took a step, albeit, the easiest step. But, where else should I start? Now comes the real first step. Stopping what I’m doing, and reading.

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2 Responses to Where to go…

  1. Bobby says:

    Being disciplined is important. Reading scripture is important. There is no doubt about these truths. Yet I have taken my desire for more of God’s presence in my life and turned it into some legalistic demand for my time and I end up full of guilt as I eventually fall short of my own requirements and ignore God’s requirements. God wants us to walk close with Him … to abide in Christ Jesus and rest in Him. Believers in lands without Bibles are able to do this by faith alone. Why is it we have to work our spiritual fingers to the bone in order to feel like we are pleasing Him or remaining close to Him? This is precicely one of the types of things I was thinking about today. Things that should point us to Christ that end up replacing Christ.

    • Right. I’ve really enjoyed the reading so far, reading 4 days through, but last night on the 5th, I fell asleep half way through. I almost felt guilty, then thought, why. Who cares if I “make my numbers” every day. I’m enjoying reading, I don’t want to ruin it.

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