Update #6

I’ve been thinking about the church, and I’ve been trying to back it up in my mind where we only get together, period. No bible study, no time for prayer, no “worship” schedule. I picture Thanksgiving with the family. People talking over here, people laughing over there, people praying in the back. And then defining the assembly as that, just a family gathering. Can’t each one bring a teaching, a song, a prayer in this scenario? Everyone is there to edify one another. I’m now trying to think about and read Acts and 1 Corinthians through that window. We’ll see where it goes…

That only seems logical, because that seems to be where Jesus left it at the end of the gospels. That might have been the window they were looking through when they received Paul’s letter (plus a few problems popping into it).

Looking at it from this direction, the study they would have done in these type of gatherings would have been sporadic, including 2 people, 5 people, or everyone, depending on what was going on. Sometimes two people are discussing something, sometimes everyone is involved, just depends.

When I picture the “party” that might have been going on at Corinth, I wonder if Paul would have written us a letter telling us to liven it up some.

And in Corinth, if there would have been a father figure (elder) around, he would have stood up and told all the crazy kids to go outside and play while the adults talked, just like at Thanksgiving.

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2 Responses to Update #6

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  2. Javetta says:

    I like the way you think, brother.

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