Update #7 – What Is A Day?

I asked a brother the other day, “Why couldn’t we celebrate the Lord’s Supper on Saturday, or Monday or Friday?” He kind of shrugged with a grin. We were discussing traditions, and I don’t think he expected the question, but once he heard it, he didn’t seem on guard at all.

Eric at A Pilgrim’s Progress reminded me of this conversation in a recent blog, What Should We Do About The Sabbath?

In my mind, when I removed the idea that I have orders from the King to meet on Sunday at 10:30, I all of the sudden feel more free in everything. Not that I have to stop meeting on Sunday, but I am free to. It seems to have been a huge block in my mind, confining other traditions in its grasp. When I finally removed that block, other traditions kind of flowed out the way more easily.

I’m sure it is something different for everybody, but that has been mine… so far. Honestly, there have been lots of smaller blocks in there, each loosening the webs in my mind as they break apart. But this has been the biggest.

This is one complicated puzzle where some pieces have no place to go until you get some of the connecting pieces in first. A few months ago if you would have handed me this piece, I would have been confused and handed it back to you. There was no place to put it. I wonder what piece is next.

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