I’ve been feeling down lately.

Stress? Possibly
Depression? Not sure.
Despair? Maybe.

But then this morning I read something from Alan Knox on his blog post Shifting Focus:

“It would be great to have special glasses or know what’s in the heart of men like Jesus, but we don’t. We demonstrate that we love God and love others by being willing to set aside our agenda and our plans, and spending time with the people around us, talking with them, listening to them, caring about them, and then caring for them.

“The first step is the hardest, I think. What is that step? The first step is getting our minds off of ourselves, and thinking about and caring about other people. Yes, even that person that cuts you off in traffic, or breaks in front of you at a restaurant, or takes a long time in the checkout line.”

So if it is stress, depression, or despair, (probably all three plus some) I think the root of them all is my selfishness.

“We must begin by considering the other person. We must (as Paul would put it) think of others as more important than ourselves.”

Read the whole blog post by Alan. It’s great. What he talks about, I don’t do. I’ve been focusing on me for a while now, and all that it’s done is burn a hole in my own heart.

I forget that I am already loved by my Father, so I don’t need to worry about me anymore. He’ll take care of me. I am now free to love others. Sadly my trust in that love wains now and then, and I’m right back bogging down in my self.

God is much better at loving me than I am. Maybe I should leave it up to Him.

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3 Responses to Depression?

  1. Alan Knox says:


    You wrote, “He’ll take care of me. I am now free to love others. Sadly my trust in that love wains now and then, and I’m right back bogging down in my self.”

    I had never thought of our self-concern as an indication of our lack of trust in God (and his love for us). But, you’re absolutely right!


  2. Thanks for your comment Alan. I think you said it clearer than I could.

  3. Bud Ezekiel says:

    hey there Sol…

    i’m working my way thru some of what you’ve said here now with our Friend. i know it’s selfishness on my part. but there’s a bit more to it then that. i lack the fire…. i have the appetite in the sense i desire to know/understand more. but if i have all this and don’t have the free love for others that He has already given me….what good am i??? just a dead branch…

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