Trusting Idols

Psalm 115:8

Those who make them (idols) will become like them,
Everyone who trusts in them.

Reading this after some recent thought on what a true idol is. I’m not sure an idol is always something that you value more than God. I think it can be, but what I really think becomes an idol is hinted at in the scripture above.

Trust. If you trust something in place of God, then it is an idol. You can put your wife ahead of God, but you may not trust her in place of God. The same could be true of your boat, your clothes, your car. The car example has always been the one told me, “If you love your car more than God, it is like an idol”, I don’t think so. Is that a problem still? Yes, but a different one.

This comes up right now because my job is coming to a close. In a few months I will need a new job where the pay is close to what I make now. I am realizing how much I have “trusted” in my job. I am realizing how much my job has become my idol. I don’t put it ahead of God, I would choose God in a heart beat, but it is my idol because I trust it to provide for me in place of God.

It makes me think of my bank account, my retirement fund, even my church family, and try and understand if they have become idols too.

It is hard when you are looking for a job, not to get discouraged, not to feel inadequate, not to feel unwanted… not to feel worthless. So have I put my job in the wrong position? I think that is the feeling I should have if my Father were to “let me go”.

Does our Father not promise us that He will take care of us. He didn’t promise that our job, or savings, or investments, or church family would take care of us, He will…

This world has tried to convince us that money will take care of us. Trust in it to supply your present and future needs. What else can you think of that people put their trust in to supply their needs? Government? House? Church? Husband? Isn’t that when they become idols, not to say that if something has the capacity to become an idol it is all bad.

People have put their trust in carvings of wood making them an idol. It sounds silly, trusting a piece of wood… we trust green paper.

So why is it so hard to trust God, but easy to trust a job?

Lack of faith? I know God will supply, but my “senses and emotions have destroyed my faith in what I really know to be true”. -C.S. Lewis

“Faith… is the art of holding on to things your reason has once accepted, in spite of your changing mood.” -C.S. Lewis

It seems that when life springs up with unexpected stresses, difficulties, uncertainties, and moods, it is best to have your “reason“s at the front of your mind. I think that is why prayer, reading, and meditation are of such great importance… you are reminded of your reasons.

And when I think about it, who is more reliable? The guys running the company I work for, or the living Creator of the universe? Silly question… until my emotions and senses get involved.

I may be wrong on all of this, don’t know, but if you have some insight, please share!

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3 Responses to Trusting Idols

  1. Bobby says:

    Sol, I’d be glad to answer any questions you have about my trade. If you have facebook you can contact me there. My mobi number and my email are listed for my friends. Just type my name Bobby Auner into the search box.

  2. Bud Ezekiel says:

    Father God, thank You that we can bring every concern and fear directly to You. our times and our lives are all in Your Hands. thank You Father for Your promises to us!
    we just come before You and ask that You will provide for our brother a new job. we’d ask that You direct his steps in the days ahead and You lead him to a place both spiritually and physically where he can be at rest and in Your Perfect Peace.

    in the Name above all names, we ask this. amen

  3. You gave pause… I am touched by your prayer for me. I can’t thank you enough.

    I forget how at ease I become after praying with brother and sisters about my concerns. Thank you brother for your kindness, and for caring.

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