In my journey to learn more about God and His church, I have made several attempts at removing certain things from my life, my worship, etc. so that I can see more clearly. Kind of “from the outside looking in” type of theory.

As an example, I have tried this with prayer, specifically with praying before meals.

I know we are to be thankful for what we have to eat, but “should” we say a prayer before each meal? I don’t necessarily believe those are synonymous.

To tell you what happened, I sat down to eat, and deliberately did not pray.

But something strange happened. As I sat there staring at my food, unsure what to do next, a powerful, odd thankfulness came over me. Instead of words habitually coming out of my mouth, true, honest praise actually came from my heart. I don’t know of a time I had been more grateful for what was sitting on the plate in front of me.

Thankfulness is not lip service and not a posture or pleasure. It is humbleness. It is a realization of your reliance on someone else.

I think words can sometimes cloud truth so the heart won’t see it clearly.

I can think of some other activities that sometime cloud truth from the heart, but that is for another time.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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One Response to Thanksgiving

  1. Bud Ezekiel says:

    :)…those are the moments with Him that we treasure most, aren’t they Sol?
    have a wonderful Thanksgiving, brother!!! btw….i’m moving pretty quick.


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