Lightening Up

Okay, I think I need to lighten the mood on these pages for at least today. The dialogue from yesterday’s post inspired me, so I went back to an old blog I used to post on, and dug this out. It’s one of my favorites, so enjoy: (It’s from a movie I don’t care to promote.)

Program: Please speak your name as it appears on your current federal identity card. Document number G24L8.

Joe: I’m not sure if—

Program: You have entered the name “Not Sure”. Is this correct, Not Sure?

Joe: No, it’s not correct.

Program: Thank you. “Not” is correct. Is “Sure” correct?

Joe: No it’s not. My name is Joe—

Program: You’ve already confirmed your first name is “Not”. Please confirm your last name “Sure”.

Joe: My last name is not “Sure”.

Program: Thank you, “Not Sure”.

Joe: No. What I mean is that my name is Joe.

Program: Confirmation is complete. Please wait while I tattoo your new identity on your arm.

Is there a moral here? I think I could stretch one into it. Let me know if you come up with somehow relating this to my normal topics…

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2 Responses to Lightening Up

  1. Bud Ezekiel says:

    lol. hey Sol! conversations like this are still taking place. i do it deliberately whenever i want to speak to a real human being! i hate speaking with a program! i keep changing my answer. after two or three times, the program connects me. why go thru ten different options?

  2. My thoughts were that we sometimes sit down somewhere, and even though we know something is wrong, we don’t know how to get out of it. Sometimes trying to talk our way out just gets up deeper in. Kind of like quick-sand.

    We are beginning discussions in our congregation, but I just wonder if it will follow the same path. “You’ve already confirmed this denominational tie, end of discussion”. Some will get even more grounded in their ways, others will have some doubts, and others will leave disappointed. Is it good to try? Sure. Will it have any effect? Doubt it. Will it hurt instead of help? I really hope not.

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