Pack Your Stuff, We Leave…

Bobby at Deconstructing Neverland has posted an encouraging post desperate persistence.

“Having faith that God will bring me through to complete my journey is my only refuge and hope.”

I have been grumbling about being stuck somewhere that may not be best for me while the gate remains unlocked.  Bobby admits grumbling about the road after walking through the gates. I think his is more valid. Not to say grumbling at any point in our walk is right, I just point out the sadder state of my grumbling.

Though I have found myself planning, and justify it by claiming some level of influence, I can’t help but think of the instructions to the Israelites. Get your stuff ready tonight, we leave tomorrow, and pack lite. I’ve been getting ready for a while, and to this point I’ve packed so much junk, I probably couldn’t get through the gate anyway. Plus, the date isn’t exactly written in ink on the calendar.

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2 Responses to Pack Your Stuff, We Leave…

  1. Bobby says:

    Thanks for the nod, Sol.

    I remember being where you are. Deeply involved with my church, worried that everyone will shun me if I leave. At the very least it would make things uncomfortable and break down the relationships that I did have. A wonderful thing has happened. All the shallow, ritualistic relationships are no longer stealing my time and attention and the meaningful relationships I had there still exist even though I no longer attend. We still greet each other with a holy k-uh, hug when we see each other and every so often we share what God is doing in our lives and chop up the Word together. The disappointments have been few, but they have hurt.

    I hope reading where we are in our journey is an encouragement for you. Act according to your conscience as it is informed by God’s Word. You can do no other.

  2. Thank you, Your blog and your comments are a real courage lifter. It it valuable to see glimpses of the road others have taken, if for nothing else but to know that there is an actual road there.

    Thanks for the encouragement, it really is.

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