Pointing Them Out

The other day, I noticed a little forgotten side bar I have here on my blog, called “Posts By Others I’ve Found Relevant”. Now if I forget about it, why would anyone else care too much about it. So I decided I will go through there occasionally and find what is still relevant, and write a post about it, then delete it. Whittle it down, piece by piece. So the first one up to be deleted follows:

Eric’s post at A Pilgrim’s Progress from August 24, 2010, If You Challenge the Status Quo… had this to say:

If you open your bibles and then look at your church, you will most likely see some inconsistencies. In some churches there are few; in others there are almost too many to count. When you point these things out, the following ten things will happen from at least some people:

-You will not be welcomed.
-You will be scorned.
-You will be talked about behind your back.
-You will be ignored.
-It will be labeled divisive.
-You won’t be trusted anymore.
-You will face rejection.
-You will be told that you just don’t understand.
-You will be told to trust those in authority.
-You will be told that it was that way then, but it is this way now.

In raising some questions, I have not yet experienced these, but the feeling is, some of this may be around the corner.

That scares me.

But in raising the questions, I have asked where we put our faith, collectively. I have to be careful not getting caught on the other end, lacking faith in God to get me through this.

Sometimes being right takes over, and you can lose sight of God. Take your eyes off Him, and you may find yourself off tract very quickly.

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