Who Needs The Gospel?

Ken at The Well shared some Disturbing Stats back in October. The last one on his list was shocking, because I don’t think of America like this:

The United States is now the third largest “unchurched” nation in the world (behind China and India), and we’re now #2 (only behind Brazil) on the list of countries targeted by foreign missionaries as “most in need of the gospel.”

Now I know stats can be misleading, and are often used to mislead, so if someone knows more about this stat, please let me know so I can validate it. I’ve requested the source from The Well.

Either way, the point I take from it is this, America is a great place to be if you want to find the lost. I hear of missionaries going to other countries, and that is great, but if you do not have the means or ability to go to a foreign country, stay here and be a light. America needs the gospel.

Is the United States the 2nd “most in need of the gospel“? I don’t know.

One think I do know, is that if your neighbor doesn’t know the gospel, I’d put him on the top of the list of “most in need of the gospel“.

By the way, who would you classify as needing the gospel less?

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