It's Christmas

It’s Christmas, and this has been a unique Christmas Time. I think it’s the first time that my family has had to deal with some difficult issues during the holidays.

It makes Christmas hard. The good thing, though, is… it’s Christmas.

You see, these issues have been lingering for half the year, but now… it’s Christmas.

This season seems to bring out the, well, better out of people. It’s reminded me of what’s important in life. A few meek, loving phone calls to me haven’t hurt, but they may not have been made except… it’s Christmas.

I am sad with myself, that the thing about Christmas that puts this into perspective, and reminds me of the importance of family, and of loving people, is actually Christ. I’m sad because the difference between December 25th and July 19th is absolutely nothing concerning Christ. His example of love was there then as much as it is now, I simply ignored it. Why have I waited until it’s Christmas?

So as I prepare to pick up the phone, I try to remember that it may be Christmas, but what’s really important is… it’s Christ.

So a word of advice from me to me this Christmas… sometimes the greatest gift you can give someone, is to let some stuff go, lay something down, or just say I’m sorry. One down (it took 10 years) one to go (5 months). Go ahead… it’s Christmas.

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