Radical Restoration

Radical Restoration:  A Call for Pure and Simple ChristianityI just picked up the book Radical Restoration by F. LaGard Smith.

What would it be like if we radically restored first-century faith and practice in our own time and culture?

I’m particularly interested in this book because Mr. Smith and I come from similar backgrounds in the Church of Christ. The book was recommended to me by a friend, and after reading the Preface, I am really excited about diving in.

There is one thing I can really identify with that he says in the Preface,

The worst part about writing a book of this nature is that I have raised the bar higher than I would prefer even for myself. After years of quiet ferment, and now months of intense study and reflection, I’m not sure what’s more daunting: not being able to see the way as clearly as I would have liked over the years; or finally seeing the mist rise from the path ahead, only to discover it’s a more challenging road than I ever wanted to travel.

With what I have discovered to this point in my journey, I see a road that does not allow me to be stationary. I can’t squeeze my faith into an hour and a half on Sundays. Church cannot be done for me any more. It is a daunting task, looking at it from my pew.

I do look forward to reading his thoughts and re-evaluations of the Church of Christ and its philosophy of command, example, and necessary inference. I have struggled with the question, does example equal command as you can see on my Descriptive of Prescriptive page.

My current thought is that examples teach principles, but are not necessarily commands.

But like I said, I look forward to reading Radical Restoration. And I plan on posting my thoughts on the book as I go along.

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