Ask The Question or Help Answer It

I stumbled upon a cartoon on another blog that had a little devil throwing question-marks out of a person’s opened up skull. The implication was that a tactic of the devil is to keep us from asking questions.

It does seem that when you stop asking questions, or are not allowed to ask questions, we all lose.

All too often I’ve close my eyes, and allowed teachings to be unquestioned. I sit and accept what I’ve been told. This is along the same line as what Eric wrote in his post You Can’t Even Ask a Question.

I have asked several questions lately, along with several other brothers, and so far there are few answers. It feels like the hope is that when we find no answers from the Church, we will resign our questions.

That, or, maybe the same old answers we have lived with, sufficiently justify ignoring the question, and any ensuing questions that question their answers.

Happily, these questions are already locked in our minds, and, there are far too many answers we have found ourselves in scripture.

I am very blessed to have several brothers, as well as a wife, who listen to my questions. Some of my questions and conclusions have been bizarre, some crazy, and many wrong, but all have been openly, honestly, and lovingly answered. And not just a quick yes or no or verse, but they have spent the time to walk with me to find the answer for myself. That shows great love.

Questions are not threats, and so we shouldn’t be threatened by them. They are an opportunity to learn and grow in Christ. I hope I can be a loving, non-threatened, shepherd in those times for others, as many have been for me.

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