Restoring Form Or Function

The the book I am now reading, Radical Restoration, I am gaining some new questions. Some things I thought I had figured out, I am finding that I need to continue studying.

I’m in Chapter 4, and he brought the question, are we “restoring form or function”, and is the answer mutually exclusive. I really don’t know.

These questions now have me asking if “restoring” is the right word anyway. Like I said, it has me asking a lot of questions I had not asked before.

There are two more chapters before I get into Part II, where he talks more about moving “Toward An Ideal Restoration”, which I am really looking forward to reading. Right now, Part I is “The Restoration Ideal”.

If anyone picks this book up, I have noticed that it is speaking to people who have a background with the Church of Christ. He talks at some issues I’ve grown up with and take for granted for knowing them well. I think Smith takes it for granted too, because those issues are glazed over, and not described very well if you don’t have that background. I don’t know, maybe it’s not so difficult to understand. You be the judge if you decide to read it.

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