What Am I Looking For?

A Quest for the Perfect Church. Has that been my quest? Has my journey somehow been to find the perfect church?

Sure I’ve been Looking For Church, and recording My journey to know…, but is that what I’ve been looking for, the perfect one?

I don’t really think so… but, I think it has slowly turned into trying to design the perfect church, or restoring the perfect church. I’m grateful for some of the posts I come across in the blog world, such as the post linked to above by Lionel Woods at A view from the woods, or much of the instruction I find from Alan Knox, like his related post We Ain’t Perfect.

This community of bloggers I’ve stumbled onto…, they edify me a great deal. The early church were together daily. I don’t get that with the brothers I meet with on Sunday, so reading these blogs, and commenting occasionally, has begun to feel like fellowship. And fellowship like I have not had before… with people who are different.

I agree more and more that we shouldn’t feel like we have to agree on every single thing, but at the same time, disagreement is hard. My thinking lately has been that, the more you remove that people might disagree over, the more likely you will have stronger unity. Enter a simpler church.

In the Church of Christ, which I grew up in, I grew up in a non-Sunday school church, while my best friend grew up in the Sunday school church across our little town. Our families did not fellowship. I also learned latter that his grandfather did not feel welcome in our little building during Gospel meetings because he wanted to participate and lead a song for the congregation. He was not allowed because he didn’t believe like us. He stopped desiring that fellowship, and it’s likely no one else will for many years, if ever.

Sad. Brothers separated by fences they built, in God’s open field.

It’s really sad to look into the Church of Christ, and see that there will be one building with no classes, one with one cup, one with a preacher, one with this, one without that, and all in one town. One issue keeping them all apart. Take those issues out, and they are all the same. And the issues all revolve around an assembly designed by tradition, and not the word of God.

So maybe now I can stop looking for the perfect church, or how to design the perfect church, and just simply be the church.  That would be perfect.

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One Response to What Am I Looking For?

  1. Jon says:

    “So maybe now I can stop looking for the perfect church, or how to design the perfect church, and just simply be the church.”
    Perfect! 🙂

    Church isn’t something we design or create. Or pick the best church out of the many options presented to us. I’m thinking Jesus already set up His one church, I just need to recognize it and be part of it.

    The term church has been changed so much. I’m thinking I should focus more on words like family, kingdom, or believers. I’ll try interchanging these terms with ‘church’ to give a different perspective of what I’m talking about.

    God bless!

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