Shallow Small Groups

I found this video while doing some research on what to do with a small group gathering. We are going to start having people over to our home during the week and I’m not really sure what to do yet.

I posted a humorous video over on my Video blog. There are probably better options. Any real advice is more than welcome.

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4 Responses to Shallow Small Groups

  1. Jason Vana says:

    I think it depends on what you want your small group to become. If it’s just an extension of a Sunday morning service, it’s going to turn out differently than if your main focus is to build relationships.

    Either way, here are a few ideas I’ve done over the last eight years of running and overseeing college small groups:

    – Share your heart for what you want your small group to become. Pretty much, share your vision and reason for the small group.
    – Ask your members what THEY want from the group and why they are coming.
    – Get people involved. The more you get others involved, the more likely they will keep coming. Things like asking couples/individuals to bring snacks, choose songs for worship, write down prayer requests and email them to the group so people can pray during the week.
    – Ask questions. The benefit of a small group is that everyone can contribute, instead of just one person talking. Don’t try to come up with messages, come up with discussions. Ask questions. Leave time for uncomfortable silence. Get people talking.
    – Pray. Before the group, after the group, even have people pair off (or in groups of 3 or 4) and pray for each other during group. People tend to open up a lot when they are asked what they need prayer for.

    Hope that helps. That’s just some of what I’ve taught my students to do, and we have an amazing group of about 20-30 students right now.

  2. Thanks Jason, that is great help. I will definitely try some of the things you mentioned.

    Being open with the group sounds like a great way to start.

    • Jason Vana says:

      I always challenge my student leaders that they have to set the example for what they want the group to be. If you want the group to be open and vulnerable, you as a leader will have to be open and vulnerable first. It’s not always easy, but definitely worth it.

      Good luck man, and let me know how it goes!

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