Listening to the Spirit of God

I wanted to highlight a comment from my post yesterdayFrank talked about some things I’ve thought about some recently, and don’t understand. I have come to see that my conscience is important, and that the words of scripture can train my conscience in the Spirit of God, but haven’t put any thought into it as if God is speaking through the Spirit. It’s just something I don’t understand. (I’ve made some formating edits to break it up a bit.)

I have a close friend, who about 6 years ago departed the institutional church with his family, having had enough of the sham. He had two children, a girl of about 2 and a boy of maybe 5 years. He decided to “do” church at home with the children.

I asked him what he was going to do. He had no idea, other than some worship and maybe some bible teaching. I suggested that he start by getting each one, including the children, to listen to God to see what God was saying, rather than trying to reconstruct church at home. I said this to him because nothing is more important than encouraging children to realise their spirit is far more important than their mind. ie. tree of life supersedes tree of knowledge.

 Normal living, school, TV, relationships, workplace, shopping, everyday life, promotes the mind, and body, and all else that pertains to the “real” world. The life of the spirit is not only ignored but denigrated and despised except for “religious” moments like church on Sunday.

Listening to God is natural for little children. Their spirit man, when they are born, is at the same stage of development as their natural man, effectively an empty vessel. Listening to God will be therefore far more valuable than any educative learning of biblical history etc.

This is the difference between “knowing” God, rather than “knowing about” God. Bible understanding can follow in the wake of knowing God. Children being empty vessels, WILL get filled with fruit from one tree or another. Childhood is the time to start.

So when they sat down to listen to God, he also gave the children paper and pencils. saying to them to listen to God and draw anything they saw. Within moments the boy started to scribble away. They continued to listen to the Lord, a little distracted by his activity. Finally, they asked what he was drawing. The picture was of a huge long bed filled with loads and loads of people asleep crossways like sardines in a can. There was a man standing on the floor at the end of the bed with his hands on the headboard, as if he was guiding it somewhere.

When asked by his puzzled parents what Jesus had shown him, he explained:

“This is the church Daddy”
“And who are all these people?”
“They are all the church people, asleep, Daddy.”
“And who is this man standing up at the end?”
“That’s Uncle Mike (the Pastor)”.

Gulp!!!! Talk about accuracy in the Spirit, and a powerful confirmation of their decision to leave. The body asleep whilst the pastor directed and decided everything on their behalf. My friend’s son had never been in the discussions as to why Dad felt the Lord wanted them out of the institutional church system. Nevertheless, even at 6 years old when given the encouragement and freedom, he could hear and see in the realm of the Spirit with greater clarity than his parents.

Many are the prophetic words with piercing accuracy which has come from the boy now that the shackles of church born Christianity have been removed. Recently my friend asked his son what the voice of God sounded like, the boy burst out laughing, “you don’t know?” He was amazed at the question.

My friend, is very prophetic, but has grown through a “christian” environment which attached little value to spiritual happenings as opposed to church. He was learning, slowly, alongside his son. However, unlike his son, my friend had much to unlearn. We must make sure our children do not endure the same. Our responsibilities as parents should be far more towards growing the “Spirit man” of our children than growing their physical or mental man.

Like I said, I don’t understand all this. It did make me think of one thing.

Quench not the Spirit.  -1 Thessalonians 5:19

I think that matches what I have been considering about the conscience. When you do not follow your conscience, you numb it. If  you follow your conscience and it is wrong, learn from it, and next time your conscience will lead you right. But when you start ignoring your conscience, it fades away. It gets suppressed, or in biblical terms, quenched.

Is that the same thing? Is there more to it than just being a mental conscience? I don’t know.

I do wonder if I’m not allowing myself to believe that, because if it is truth, it becomes even more important to listen to my conscience (the Spirit in me), and I’ve got some scary things in my head that my “conscience” is asking me to do…

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One Response to Listening to the Spirit of God

  1. Sol, you have hit the nail squarely on the head. Conscience is the issue, unfortunately church seems to think that christian knowledge is what is important.

    A number of years ago, I ran a business. It was a Christian business, in that we listened to God and were clearly led by the Spirit in vision, word, and prophecy.
    One year we had occasion (a prophetic word) to buy up a local small manufacturing business which was going under.
    There was a young man, Dave, in that business who was, what we Brits call, a real “jack the lad”.
    He was always in trouble, with anyone and everyone, but particularly the law. Dave knew his new bosses were Christian, and made it plain what he thought of such pathetic people. He was however respectful to us, it but nevertheless very fixed in his anti christian, anti church, views. I didn’t blame him, and to his surprise I told him that I shared most of his views!
    On this day, one of my Christian workers brought Dave over to my main plant to show him around, and he was quite amazed at the size of our operation.
    He came into my office, and we sat down with a coffee and chatted, and I just kept emphasising that we just did what God told us to do.
    Suddenly he came out with the question. “How do you know when God is speaking to you?”
    For a moment I was flummoxed, I sat back in my chair, and gave a silent cry to the Lord for help. How do you explain to a non-believer what most christians are mystified by?
    Within seconds my heart was confident.
    “Dave, – you know when you are in a place, where you didn’t ought to be, and you are doing something you didn’t ought to be doing, ………and there’s a little voice inside saying, ‘DAVE, you didn’t ought to be here and you certainly didn’t ought to be doing this!’ Are you familiar with this?”
    Dave with a huge grin, burst out laughing, “Of course I bloody well am!”
    “Then imagine that voice saying, ‘Dave, this is the way, ….follow me!'”
    As I said that, Dave threw his head back and exhaled, “Now, I understand!” The look of clear recognition dawning on his face.
    I was equally amazed to witness the clear entry of spiritual understanding into a rebellious youth.
    I then pointed out that if he really wanted to hear God, that he should also start talking to him, but in doing so he should also know that God was not a mere man, and should be recognised, with respect, as our loving creator. I encouraged him to talk to God about all his thoughts, after all God knows them anyway!
    (I need to point out that Dave was now calm and very quiet within himself, and listening with intent.)
    As we parted, he seriously promised that he would take time to digest what we had talked about.
    A short time later, I heard from another worker at Dave’s plant. Dave had come in to work cheerfully singing at the top of his voice. When asked what the commotion was about, “just talking to God, just talking to God”, was the grinning reply!
    And yes, God did start talking back to Dave, and very specifically guided him through a difficult situation at home.
    Dave was very adamant that God, twice, told him how to intervene in a particular heart breaking situation that his girlfriend had with her estranged family. Dave listened, and secretly took the course of action that God laid out for him. The result of obedience to the word of the Lord restored a broken family. Dave was in awe at how good God was.
    Mind you, he still refused to go to church. His words, “God’s ok, you’re ok, but I still ain’t going to church!”
    Do I care? Not a bit! That’s God’s business.

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