I forget how surreal it is to walk through something for the last time. It almost doesn’t feel real anymore. As the minutes tick away toward that end, the dream takes over more and more.

Today is my last full day with the company I’ve worked for for the past 4 years. I’ve sat at this computer staring at a screen almost every day for literally 1,000 days. Wow!  If someone would have asked me back when I was young if they could pay me to sit at a desk on a computer for 1,000 days (nearly in a row) I’d have said “No way!”

But life doesn’t turn out like we always think. Its been a blessing to work most of those 1,000 days here, for one I’ve worked with some great people. I’ve made a few good friends, and one great friend. Second I would have never started this blog.

Many of those days I spent listening to audio sermons I found online. After exhausting several preachers’ archives, my search for a new topic of audio enjoyment lead me to ask a few questions about what might be missing in my “religion”.

That is when I stumbled upon a few videos that gave me, well, kind of an upside down “Aha!” moment. More like an, “Aha?” moment. They are the first several videos I posted on my Video Blog site, particularly the first called Rethinking Church. So I am more than grateful for my time here. 

Stumbling onto this video and others has spurred so much valuable study and discussion and friendship, I couldn’t put a value on that time. Funny how now I would pay money for what I gained, and even spend another 1,000 days doing something I may not be that fond of, for what I now have.

So now I am putting my trust in God opening another door as this one closes. I know he will. I’m excited to see how it turns out.

I try to remember, too, that the next open door may not be very attractive as I look in, but that when I come out on the other side, I’ll look back through another closing door with such grateful joy, holding buckets full of gifts and blessings just as I do today.

So when discouragement comes (maybe Monday), someone remind me to reread what I just wrote.

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