If you were curious about where I got the picture at the top there, well, a friend of mine, who often provides me with wise, godly council, took it and posted it on his blog. I borrowed it.

Want to check out the original? Enjoy it here and below. He has tons of beautiful photos and lots of things to ponder! You may even catch a picture of me if you visit long enough at the Pondero.

I chose this picture because, while searching for the church, I have felt that there are so many traditions, and ideas stacked up in my  mind, they become like a fog or haze. Other things, too, kind of block the view of scriptural truth. I’m here to cut through all of that and in the end see a clear(er) picture of what God intended.

I also like the tree on the left that looks like someone cut a path right through the middle of its canopy. Like me cutting down a tree thinking the answer is behind it somewhere, only to find I have chose the wrong tree, and need to start over again. Just a little off, huh.

Photo by Chris Johnson at Pondero


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