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I’ll leave an update

I’ll leave an update if I think of anything…. Advertisements

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Looking for another topic

I thought I would post to let whoever may still follow my blog that I am considering writing more, but it will be under a different blog title so this content will stay up.  

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Looking For Something Else…

I think I’m done “Looking For Church”. That may be why I haven’t wrote in so long. Not much left to say. Probably more to be erased than to be said. There seems to be something, actually a lot more … Continue reading

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A Place to Think

A few days ago I decided to get up early, (instead of sleeping in now that I am unemployed), to make sure I don’t get lazy. I packed my bike and set off. I decided on a short 3.5 miles … Continue reading

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I forget how surreal it is to walk through something for the last time. It almost doesn’t feel real anymore. As the minutes tick away toward that end, the dream takes over more and more. Today is my last full … Continue reading

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Twittered…, Tweeted..?

I was checking out Arthur Sido’s blog, and noticed my name in an odd spot. Thanks Arthur, what a thrill. I am assuming it is more of a┬áthrill to me since I’m not on Facebook or Twitter, and I’m not … Continue reading

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There’s No Place I’d Rather Be

I sing a simple song of love To my Saviour, to my Jesus I’m grateful for the things You’ve done My loving Saviour, my precious Jesus My heart is glad That you’ve called me Your own There’s no place I’d … Continue reading

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